Reasons for choosing CARGO - ANDER 001:

One-stop service: free storage, express by air, railway and sea; standard customs clearance and free home delivery; we will offer assured and comfortable service to you;Looking forward to cooperating with you to create a win-win situation.


1.Logistics and express: offer logistics and express solutions covering Russia and EU by air, sea, land transportation and multimodal transport.

2.Customs declaration and clearance: offer professional agent service for domestic customs declaration, commodity inspection

Express service

CARGO-ANDER001 International Cargo Express Co. Ltd., makes every detail perfect to meet clients' requirements in delivery time, expense and safety, and has been the leader in the same industry.

Workflow for express parcel and airway parcel


In the past ten years, we have been adhering to our principle of "honesty and integrity, safe and speedy, quality first" to establish a freight line with zero risk. To offer better service to our clients, we promise that:

Our staff will treat clients politely and patiently to meet their reasonable requirements and will

Feature service

We offer a series of hotels that we cooperate with(at lower prices) for our members to book hotels and picking up service on the webpage(detailed)

CARGO-ANDER001 International Cargo Express Co. Ltd. would like to offer best service for you to enjoy your trip. We offer the following services:

1.Picking up and sending off: we will arrange cars for you to reach designated places for free.
2.Hotel booking: According to clients’ requests, we provide hotels at special prices for them to choose.
3.Travel reservation: introduction to scenic spots, and tickets booking service. 
4.Air tickets booking: we could book domestic and international air tickets for you at lowest prices.
5.Invitation letter: we will offer services related to invitation letter, passport and so on for your visit to China.
6.Order accepted: we will accompany clients to check and accept cargoes and feed information back to clients timely.

With our 100 percent hard work and 100 percent dedication, all we want is to give you 100 percent comfortable service.


  CARGO-ANDER001 International Cargo Express Co. Ltd, founded in 2003, has two main businesses, namely, ANDER001 International EMS  Company (Beijing) and CARGO-ANDER001 International Logistics  Company (Beijing). Its business has covered  the whole area of Russia and European Union. Since the foundation of the company, it has established the idea of client-focused service to satisfy their requirements, and adopted perfect operation management system for express and cargo express (including by air, land and sea), as well as a well-trained professional team. The company has realized electronic and transparent operation of logistics procedures with modernized management instruments and information technology for clients’ monitoring and information tracking, so as to provide safe, speedy and reliable service to our clients. The company is located at Yabao Road, a bustling area of foreign trades, with its storage warehouse over 1,000 ㎡. CARGO-ANDER001, whose business involves acting as agents for import and export trades and engaging in internet marketing, is a comprehensive cargo express company with centralized cargo management, standard & safe transportation and no risk in customs clearance as its characteristics. The company began to set up its own website since it first engaged in e-commerce in 2010. It achieved new development in internet and advanced in YANDEX--the biggest enterprise search platform of Russia in 2012. We have spent three years developing our website to offer safe and speedy service to clients. We have sticked to the principle of “honesty and integrity, safe and speedy, quality first” from the very beginning of the company. We always think for our clients and consistently improve our service to satisfy their needs. In the past ten years, with our good service and safe cargo express, we have won high reputation from old and new clients in Russia and EU.  

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